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“We just can’t talk”

“It’s the same arguments”

“There is no more fun”

“We’ve grown apart”

Relationship Counselling

Central to our well being, regardless of sexual orientation age or gender, are our relationships – intimate couple relationships, family relationships, working relationships and friendships.

A breakdown in any of those relationships is distressing but problems in relationships are normal. Being able to understand why a relationship is not working for you and how to put this right is the outcome of relationship counselling.

Counselling the intimate couple relationship offers a better understanding of both yourself and your partner through improved communication and intimacy.

Family counselling offers an opportunity to understand the influences that have shaped your family and it helps families find more helpful ways of communicating and being together that can respect each other’s differences and does not isolate members into prescribed and unhelpful roles.

Individual work can look at relationship history as a means of understanding why relationships now “struggle to work” or you are “unable to commit” or what to do if your relationship is failing. “Do I stay or leave?”

In stressful situations it is difficult to reflect on what has happened and what has gone wrong and the way we have learnt to cope and deal with our life could be the very thing that is getting in the way.

What are the most common relationship issues?

  • Arguing
  • Loss of communication
  • Affairs
  • Birth of baby
  • Loss of sexual relationship
  • Children leaving home
  • Separation/Divorce
  • Family conflict
  • Parents struggling to communicate with their children